We take care of the technology so you can focus on your brand.

Highstreet Mobile offers a platform solution to launch your app within 6-8 weeks. With out-of-the-box features, great design and fully compatible with your backend.

Ready to go in 6-8 weeks​

A completely branded app within weeks instead of months.​

Continuously improving

Bi-weekly app releases with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Advanced out-of-the-box features

Immediately benefit from 5 years worth of building new features.

Evolving at a relentless pace

Get a five year head start

We are thinking about apps day-in, day-out. We develop beautiful features, design amazing interactions and ship an app update every two weeks. You can get all of this at once, from day one.

highstreet app
custom app

Out-of-the-box features

You will launch your Highstreet app with our complete feature-set that you can enjoy immediately from the start. We will keep adding new features, keep the design updated and create new experiences for your customers.

Deep integration.

High-quality experience

Our Highstreet Gateway connects seamlessly with your e-commerce system and takes care of the import of your online catalog, image resizing and caching, and it provides your customers with real-time information about stock levels, shipping methods and more.



We integrate deeply with Magento and offer the best shopping app out there with all the important Magento functionality. Learn more.



Highstreet offers an award-winning mobile shopping experience that integrates deeply with Commerce Cloud. Learn more.


We recently added Shopify to our list of e-commerce systems we integrate with. Contact us for more information about this integration.


Do it yourself

Not using Salesforce, Magento or Shopify? We also integrate with your custom back-end. Contact us for more information.

highstreet studio cms

All the tools you need to manage an app with minimal effort

Highstreet Studio is the app CMS system with which you can create eye-catching promotions, stunning lookbooks, send push notifications to your customers, and much more. Highstreet Studio is super easy, time-saving and foremost fun to work with. And it is all in the cloud!

Manage and create app content

Quick and easy for your team

customer support

We are there for you. Every step of the way.

We value every single one of the beautiful brands we work with and want our cooperation to be effortless and a great experience. We have a dedicated Support Team that will make sure that you and your customers are happy and that you are getting the most out of your app.

"Everything went very smooth, any hiccups in the process and implementation flow were quickly addressed and solved by the (Highstreet) team."


Getting you up to speed

Get the most out of your app

Customer Stories

Read more about how we impact the business of leading fashion brands.

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