Highstreet Studio

All the tools you need to create an amazing app

Highstreet Studio is the App Content Management System that we built for your team. It offers you all the tools you need to create stunning lookbooks, send push notifications, add promotional content to your app and much more. Studio is super easy-to-use, time-saving and foremost fun to work with.

Home Merchandise Manager

Make the first impression count

The home wall is the first thing your customers will see when they open your app. In Studio you can combine a wide variety of tile layouts to create a unique look and branded look. Link your home merchandise tiles to relevant sections in your app, preview it on your device and start publishing.


Product Lists




lookbook manager

Build next level shopping experiences

With the lookbook manager you can single-handedly contrive, create and publish your best image and video campaigns. Create lookbooks that inspire your customers and that put your product collections in the spotlight. All without the interference of the Highstreet team.

Image lookbooks

A visual shopping experience with stunning photos shoots

Turn your best lifestyle images into a digital magazine experience. Directly link your products to your images by using hotspots to seamlessly integrate the catalog to the visuals.

Video lookbooks

A moving shopping experience with your best videos

Video has become increasingly more important for engaging your customers on mobile. With video lookbooks, you can promote your products by linking them to your video timeline to create a uniquely rich shopping experience.

Notifications manager

Get in the pocket of your customer

Got a new product launch or an app-exclusive sale coming up? Create custom push notifications in Highstreet Studio to send out to your most loyal customers. Notifications support the use of emojis and custom image or video content.

cart messages manager

Checking in, before checking out

Cart messages are meant to grab your customers’ attention at the moment it matters most: when they’re about to check out. Present up-sell or special ┬ápromotions they might otherwise be missing out on.

Promote the promotions

Promotional messages in the cart should be brief and to the point. Schedule a start and end date for your message and create as many cart messages as you want.

product list manager

Your products front-and-center

Your products are the most important thing in your app, and they deserve to shine. In Studio you can use the product list manager to create different types of product list and place them on the home wall of your app.

Personal Recommendations

Tailor your product lists to your customers

Using the latest AI backend systems like Salesforce Einstein we are now able to show personalized product lists to your best customers.

Recently Viewed

Your browsing history always at hand

When browsing through your categories, customers can easily see what products they have viewed and go back to buy them.

category product list

Curate the category

With this component, you can create manual lists for specific categories. You can use this to highlight new collections or product promotions, for example.

Additional Services

Highstreet Studio is built for you and your team to create an app experience that conveys your brand story perfectly. Next to the content managers, Studio offers great additional tools to make this process easier.

Maintenance Mode

Enable maintenance mode for your app manually in Studio. Even add a custom message, if you like.

Manage Users

Add new users to enable them to collaborate on your app. Keep an overview of user roles on the overview page.

Flush Cache

When your catalog gets updated this tool forces the apps to get the latest.


In Studio you can add descriptions to your images that can be used by mobile screen readers for users who are visually impaired.

Image Cropping Assistance

Our cropping tool helps you adjust your images and crops them to fit the layout dimensions in the app.

Knowledge Base

You can access our Knowledge Base directly from Studio, which we use to answer any questions you might have.

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image lookbooks

Your campaign never looked that great

Make your campaign shots instantly shoppable.

Lookbook overview

Brands can publish an unlimited number of Lookbooks for different collections offering a magazine-like shopping experience.


Each lookbook can feature up to 25 campaign images with hotspots for multiple products.

Detail view

Tapping a hotspot zooms into the image and reveals the corresponding product.

Product view

With another tap all product details are revealed and customers can buy the product with one tap.

VIDEO lookbooks

A blockbuster launch

Maximize exposure for your video content and make them seamlessly shoppable. You’ve never seen anything like it.

Model showcase

Bring your product to life with video models and present complete outfits. Connect models, products and customers

Lifestyle commercials

Picture products in real life by framing them in the context. Showcase your campaign commercials in the app and make them instantly shoppable.


Create short movies to shape the lifestyle of your brand. Combine video, graphics and stills to present products or features.

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Do you want to learn more about Highstreet and how to create beautifully designed app experiences that will help you grow your business? Leave us a note and we will come back to you.