Retail apps for Magento Adobe Commerce

Amazing mobile shopping, loyalty and connected store experiences

Magento Adobe Commerce is a leading digital commerce solution that offers retailers an open source and cloud-based platform. The Highstreet platform is a code-free solution that boosts your mobile commerce, engages your most loyal customers and connects your brick-and-mortar store. Because Highstreet integrates deeply with Magento Adobe Commerce we’re able to offer a best-in-class native retail app that offers all important Magento Adobe Commerce functionality.

Deeply Integrated

Advanced mobile shopping

Deep integration with Magento Adobe Commerce offers your customers a smooth and frictionless shopping journey across all touchpoints. Not only do we integrate your catalog, products, and images from your webshop. Important features like cart rules, filters, stock levels, and delivery messages are also integrated into your mobile retail app.

Real-time information

Details that matter

Deep integration with Magento Adobe commerce provides your customers with real-time information at all times. Besides your catalog and product details, we integrate stock levels and shipping methods at cart level. This way, your customers always know how long it takes to deliver their order, and they will never buy a product that’s out of stock.

A full-featured retail app
In just a few weeks

Onboarding to the Highstreet platform is easy as pie. After a technical analysis we can connect your online webshop to our cloud-based retail platform. Typically, it takes 3-6 weeks to get your app live in the App Store or Google Play Store. We offer the quality of a custom made app, without the long term projects and high risks or costs.

Highstreet Studio
Merchandising mobile content

To create amazing content for your retail app, we designed Highstreet Studio. This simple merchandising tool lets you create inspiring home promotions, lookbooks and push notifications. Content management was never this easy.

A branded home experience

To ensure your customers feel right at home, you can create an on-brand home experience. This home experience consists out of different home promotions which link directly to categories, products or lookbooks. For example, link your home promotions to your new collection or sale section.

Browse and buy

Inspirational mobile shopping

Our Shop the Look feature offers your customers a unique experience where they can browse and buy at the same time. Lookbooks inspire your customers and give a nice visual touch to your product catalog. Also, our research shows lookbooks in apps lead to higher revenue.

Push notifications

Get in touch with your customers

Your most loyal customers will download your retail app. Connect to your customers by sending personalised push messages. Notifying them about special offers or free shipping. Also, you can enable iBeacons in your brick-and-mortar store. Send localised messages from your app and pull your customers to your store.

Live case: Just Brands
A family of retail apps

Just Brands is an Amsterdam-based fashion group which owns three leading men’s clothing and jeans brands: PME Legend, Cast Iron, and Vanguard. All three brands are running on Magento and have their own customised Highstreet retail app for both iOS and Android. The newest addition to the family of retail apps will be the Just Brands app itself, that’s launching soon.

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