Delight is in the details

As a design-driven company we believe that every interaction matters. That is why we spend a lot of time on creating perfect micro-animations and screen transitions that give the app a premium look and feel.


Taking a closer look

Haptic feedback

Feeling a light buzz when performing a key action can be very helpful with providing your customers with clear feedback.

Add to cart. Check!

By adding a pop animation (with haptic feedback) we make sure the cart button draws your customer’s attention at the right moment.

Spread the love

When you love something let it show! With a lovely animation we celebrate every item a customer saves to their favourites.

Touch down state

The new home wall design exists out of floating elements. To enhance this feeling we added a touch down animation to the tiles.

Point balance

The Point Balance lets your loyalty users know how many points they have. A nice counter animation counts up to the amount of points.

Pull down to zoom

Instead of revealing a white space below the image we make sure the image always scales and fills up any white space.

Automatic screen brightness

When opening the customer card or vouchers, the screen brightness is automatically set to 100%. This way, the barcode can be scanned instantly.

Screen transitions

Moving through the app

Product-to-product swipe

Perform a horizontal swipe on a product detail view to quickly go to the next product in the list.

Gallery zoom

A smooth transition between the product detail view and the gallery by scaling the image and collapsing the content. 

Video in push notification

Aside from creating rich push notifications with images, we also support video in push messages.

Navigation menu

Navigating is important. That is why we decided not to hide the categories in a hamburger menu, but to show them in a prominent horizontal bar.

Lookbook zoom

Inspirational and magazine-like shopping is a great feature already. All we did is add some delightfulness to it.

3D Touch

3D Touch can be used throughout the app to open a quick view. It can also be used to zoom in on a product by using just your thumb. 

Loading in content

Waiting for content to load is sometimes a must. So we try to make the experience as delightful as possible.

A warm welcome

With the custom splash screen you can welcome your customers with a beautiful brand image.

Open the detail view

To open the detail view, we animate every element separately. No standard push transition, but a detailed animation.

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