Just Brands

A family of retail apps

Just Brands is a leading fashion company based in Amsterdam. With 20 years of experience, Just Brands knows how to build a name for their three men’s clothing and jeans brands: PME Legend, Cast Iron and Vanguard. All three brands have their own customised mobile shopping app using the Highstreet shopping app platform. The latest addition to this family is the Just Brands app itself.

Four apps, one platform

In 2014, PME Legend launched their app on our mobile shopping app platform, followed later that year by Cast Iron and Vanguard. That first app showed Just Brands the impact of a native shopping app. Customers returned more often, stayed longer and spent more. In 2016, we launched the Just Brands overview app to complete the family.

PME Legend

With their gear-to-wear, originally designed for the “legends of the sky”, is PME Legend an authentic brand for men aged between 20 and 40 years. It’s in the Benelux’ top three for the casual and jeans segment.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron offers modern menswear for young men who are ambitious, self-conscious and unremarkably different. The Cast Iron man is individualistic and confident with his style and dares to be different.


Launched in 2006, Vanguard is the youngest brand of the Just Brands family. Vanguard is a casual fashion concept for men with a nomadic lifestyle of riding the bike.

Just Brands

The Just Brands stores are a common view in the Dutch high streets. In these stores, the brands PME Legend, Cast Iron, and Vanguard are all blended together. The app offers all brands from the Just Brands family in one dedicated shopping app.

“Our shopping app based on Highstreet, truly improves the shopping experience for our customers. We hear from them they enjoy the delightful and attractive shopping environment and we see them come back for more.”

Ferry Fiege - Marketing & E-commerce manager Just Brands

Just Brands & Highstreet
A perfect fit

Just Brands selected the Highstreet platform to offer their loyal customers the best experience on mobile devices. Highstreet allowed them to deliver this in only a few weeks. Because Highstreet is a service they could do this without burdening internal resources. Just Brands also loves the continuous innovation and advanced branding features of Highstreet.

Capture the spirit of the brand

Each of the Just Brands labels has its own style guide and audience. Highstreet’s features offer an on-brand design for each one.

Inspirational Mobile Shopping

Lookbooks allow Just Brands to bring their fashion shoots to life. By connecting fashion photography to the catalog, customers can now buy straight from the looks. It inspires customers how to wear the fashion Just Brands sells.

In-store and Loyalty

The most recent shopping app for Just Brands is the Just Brands app itself. This will bring all three brands mentioned above into one mobile shopping experience. As Just Brands also offer retail stores this app will also be used there.

Turn key delivery
In just a few weeks

Typically, it takes 6 to12 months to design and develop a native app. As Highstreet offers an app as a service and is already live, onboarding is code-free and only takes 6 weeks.

Getting better
All the time

Our team of mobile designers and developers is continuously working on the mobile shopping experience of your app and services. This means we take app development and maintenance completely out of your hands. Just as an example have a look at the progress we made last year.

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