Project Overview

Looking to reduce paid ad spend, high end office furniture specialists Tag Office approached Figment for a fresh approach to its online marketing. At the start, organic search didn’t factor at all as an acquisition channel, so it was over to Figment to create a long term strategy combining all the merits of content marketing, technical SEO and link building into one powerful campaign.

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Services Provided

  • Organic SEO
  • Website Care & Hosting

Improving User Experience.

Tag Office wanted the complete package: a strategy to drive sales, and a care and support programme to keep them on track so they never had to worry about a thing when it came to their website. The user experience aspect of the existing website needed improvement, so once we’d taken possession of the site from another agency, we set to work optimising for increased page speed and security, both crucial factors for SEO.

The next step was to work through a selection of design changes, improving the home page and landing pages to create a more streamlined user experience.

Driving Organic Traffic, Reducing Ad Spend.

The goals were clear: to drive down spend on paid online ads, and to create a new acquisition channel through organic search. The strategy? Content optimisation, monthly blogs, link building and technical fixes for starters. A robust keyword strategy, carefully designed around mapping keywords to search intent, ensured a solid foundation for our content and link building strategies.

Ongoing close monitoring of page loading speed and mobile friendliness kept everything on track, and our tech experts put all the necessary schema markups in place to ensure the right visibility. The result? Visitor engagement received a welcome boost and, within just 12 months, the online brand presence was significantly strengthened. Organic traffic increased in an even shorter time frame, meaning the paid ad spend could be reduced. For the first time, Tag Office could enjoy a stream of sales leads without paying per click.

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“Figment Agency have been fantastic in developing our website and building our SEO campaign over the last few years. We have seen a 50% organic search growth in 12 months and significantly reduced bounce rate. Emma and Steve are incredibly knowledgeable in their business and are always looking at new, innovative ways to improve the TAG office website and generate more sales…. thanks guys!”

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– Tania Dangerfield // Tag Office

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