Mobile Loyalty

Your apps are the the most important way for consumers to engage with your brand. Once you add a membership experience, consumers will be even more loyal to your brand. Highstreet offers an advanced out-of-the-box loyalty app featureset that can connect to your existing loyalty/membership program.

Out-of-the-box features

Branded Loyalty Card

No more need for plastic loyalty cards. The loyalty card can be added to the app and will be displayed when your customers need it.

Cart Vouchers

Customers do not like having to search for something they need. Display your vouchers directly in the cart and save them the trouble.

Personalised Messaging

Loyal customers love hearing from you from time to time. Send them personalised messages about their loyalty points, orders status, vouchers and more.

Loyalty Levels

Highstreet offers support for your existing loyalty program. That includes support for different loyalty stages that your customers can unlock.

Loyalty card

No more plastic loyalty cards

Our in-app loyalty card is easy to access from the account screen and opens with a delightful animation. Tap or swipe to open the card and the screen brightness will automatically be adjusted for optimal scanning conditions.

The card will even be displayed automatically when there is no internet connection.

loyalty vouchers

Reward your best customers

Long-term Incentive Vouchers

Set a target and challenge your customers to save points in your loyalty program. Did they reach the target? This voucher will turn into a discount or a free item voucher.

Discount Vouchers

When your customers saved enough points, their long-term incentive voucher turns into a discount. Either for a percentage of their purchase or a fixed amount.

Free Product Vouchers

For special occasions, limited edition items or just as a reward for loyal customers. Free product vouchers are a nice way to give a physical gift to your brand fans.

Vouchers in the cart

Your customers do not want to search through your app for their discounts. By presenting the vouchers in the cart your customers can view and apply them at the precise moment they need them.

Personal Push API

Send highly personalised messages

Use our push API to send personalised messages to your customers. Inform them about orders and rewards, or send other personal messages.

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