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  • how to monitor your website traffic

    How to Monitor Your Website Traffic: A Simple Guide

    If you want to get the most out of your website, you need to monitor its traffic. Here’s an insight into the tools to use, and the metrics you need to be monitoring.

  • Link exchange

    What is Link Exchange in SEO, and When to Avoid it?

    Should you be investing time in a link exchange program, or could it seriously damage your Google rankings? Here’s the lowdown on best practice back linking campaigns.

  • WordPress SEO plugin

    Top Picks: The Top 3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

    Here’s a look at three of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, what they offer and how they can help make the task of SEO a whole lot more straightforward.

  • Near me searches

    How to Rank for ‘Near Me’ Searches

    Knowing how to rank for ‘near me’ searches is vital to ensure your local business appears when people are searching for local results. If yours doesn’t, a competitor’s certainly will. Here’s how to do it.

  • How do SEO and PPC Work Together?

    How do SEO and PPC Work Together?

    Most online marketing strategies segregate paid advertising from organic SEO, with separate teams running their own campaigns. But research by Google has revealed that in actual fact, PPC and SEO can work very well together.

  • how to cheat Google SEO

    4 Google SEO Cheats That Could Damage Your Rankings

    If you’ve ever wondered how to cheat Google SEO, the short answer is, it’s just not possible. Here’s why, and what you should be doing instead to achieve top rankings.

  • How to Use Google Trends for SEO

    What Is Google Trends and How Can it Help with SEO?

    How the free Google Trends tool can enrich your search engine optimisation efforts by delivering insightful keyword data that can help you create meaningful content campaigns.

  • Page title update

    New Google Best Practice: How to Write Page Title Links

    Google’s page title update is a new system of generating title tags for web pages. So how to write a compelling clickable title that Google won’t replace?

  • Is SEO better than PPC

    Is SEO better than PPC in the long term?

    Is SEO better than PPC? Both have their merits, but which is better for online visibility in the long term? Here we look at the benefits of each as we set out to determine the best strategy.

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