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How Marlies Dekkers got 75% of mobile app revenue

Marlies Dekkers is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. Her brand has changed the world of lingerie for good with her inspiring designs and philosophy. To better serve her many devoted fans on mobile, Marlies Dekkers launched a branded shopping app at the end of 2016. The goal of the app was not only to add a new revenue channel but also to offer fans a better way to stay close to the brand.

How Scotch & Soda’s app beats any other digital channel

Scotch & Soda, the Amsterdam-based fashion brand, has been on the Highstreet Mobile platform for almost 5 years. In all these years the app not only enriched millions of shopping experiences, but also became Scotch & Soda’s key driver for revenue growth. We’re still going strong, Scotch!

New Shoeby app triples conversion rates

Highstreet’s app-as-a-service model sets new standards in mobile shopping. After launching their first shopping app in 2016 with mixed results, Shoeby recently moved to the Highstreet app platform. The results of their new app blew them away.

DENHAM app doubles summer sale revenue

People spent 85% of their ‘smartphone time’ in apps. Apps have changed what people expect from a mobile experience. They want apps to be frictionless, beautiful and inspirational. Few fashion brads have succeeded in creating an app that meets their customer’s expectations. But DENHAM The Jeanmaker did it, using the Highstreet Mobile platform. The premium jeans brand launched the app with an exclusive Summer Sales campaign. The result blew them away. The app more than doubled Summer Sales revenue and increased conversion by 6 times.

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