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Retail app platform for fashion & lifestyle brands

Your customers are using apps for hours a day. At Highstreet we help your brand be where your customers are. We deliver beautifully designed retail apps that grow your DTC channel. As an enterprise SaaS platform we take care of all technology, so that you can focus on your brand.

Fantastic customer experiences

Let your brand shine on mobile

The Highstreet app-as-a-service platform is designed to facilitate unique interactions between a brand and its fans. From inspirational lookbooks to an amazing loyalty solution. We create a shopping experience that offers delight and convenience to your customers.

World-class mobile brand design

A premium and refined shopping experience that matches the quality of your brand.

Continuous innovation

Leading the industry with new features and technology and evolving at a relentless pace.

Care-free, risk-free

Proven technology that increases the business of world-class fashion brands without burdening their teams.

App as-a-service: keep your app best-in-class

Highstreet is the enterprise-grade d2c app platform for global fashion and lifestyle brands. Our focus on speed and innovation keeps your brand at the forefront of technology and ahead of your industry. We roll out new features every few weeks to enhance the experience for you and your customers. No more sprints, roadmap planning or upgrade fees. It just works.

design focus

It's all about details

As a design-driven company we believe a great experience is the culmination of a thousand details done right. That is why we take the time to not only build and deliver but also to craft, revisit and improve the details continuously. This attention to detail results in a better experience and to customers buying more of your products.


Mobile Shopping

Offer your customers the best shopping experience on mobile.

Mobile Loyalty

An out-of-the-box loyalty feature set to engage your best customers.

Mobile In-Store

Enhance the in-store customer journey with your app.

Platform Benefits

Advanced ready-to-go features

Out-of-the-box we offer innovative features that let brands shine and garner 5-star reviews from your customers. Learn more.

Always up to date

Mobile technology is changing all the time. With our high frequency release schedule you stay up to date with the latest innovations and ahead of the market.

Designed for fashion brands

As a platform designed for fashion and lifestyle brands we offer unique features like native lookbooks that turn shopping into a magazine-like experience.

Easy for your team

We know your team has too much to do in too little time. That’s why Highstreet comes with Highstreet Studio. A merchandising CMS your team will love.

Quick go-to-market

No big IT budget or 12 month planning required. Our platform service is ready to go for your brand in 8-12 weeks.

Deep integration

Highstreet offers deep integration with your existing commerce system. It comes with all the technology and services brands need to successfully launch their shopping app. Learn more.

Strong brands thrive with apps

Many e-commerce teams still underestimate the power of quality native apps to connect directly with fans. Our customer cases prove that brands with Highstreet apps show significant conversion and engagement increases.

A word from our customers

“We have chosen Highstreet Mobile as the platform to deliver the G-Star RAW app because of their proven track record and consistently high marks in the app stores. Their focus on high quality UX and attention to details matches exactly what we value as a brand. The results of the app have exceeded our expecations and we’re very happy with the collaboration.”

Jeffrey Duyvesteijn Global e-commerce manager G-Star RAW
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Contact us or request a demo

Do you want to learn more about Highstreet and how to create beautifully designed app experiences that will help you grow your business? Leave us a note and we will come back to you.

Contact us or request a demo

Do you want to learn more about Highstreet and how to create beautifully designed app experiences that will help you grow your business? Leave us a note and we will come back to you.